Samnan water desalination device 5-stages

1099  SAR

Full Delivery and Installation

A home desalination device installed in the kitchen under the sink, featuring 5 stages for removing impurities, odors, dust, and excess salts

Ideal for desalinating and filtering saline water (with a concentration not exceeding 900 PPM) as well as desalinating pipe and tank water


Designed elegantly to complement modern kitchens and can be easily installed


1. American manufacturing, Saudi assembly

2. Production: 300 liters per day

3. A powerful pump with a capacity of up to 125 PSI to accelerate the water desalination process.

4. Easy installation and setup

5.The device operates to: remove impurities and sediment, eliminate chlorine and tank deposits, get rid of excess salts, control color and odor

Why invest in a water desalination system

For the comfort you deserve at home, this device eliminates the hassle of buying bottled water and clearing space in your kitchen and home.

1. Save on the costs of purchasing bottled water.

2. Filter your water and customize it in the quantities that suit your cooking, coffee, and all your beverages.

3. Enjoy a delicious and consistent taste in all your dishes and drinks, thanks to the multiple desalination stages in the device

Product accessories

1. Water faucet

2. Cooler tank

3. Filter wrench

Installation requirements:

 Water Source
Electrical Outlet (Plug)
Drainage Line

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  Filtration and Purification Stages

First stage

The filter consists of a polypropylene filter, which is one of the finest types of filters that trap rust, impurities, suspended solids, and sand in the water, serving as a preliminary purification stage

replaced every 6 months

Second stage

It is made of thermally activated carbon and its function is to remove dissolved gases and treat water from undesirable substances such as chlorine, taste, odor, and color.

replaced every 6 months

Thrid stage

The filter is made of solid carbon material that contributes to water treatment starting from chlorine, odor, color, and taste, down to removing even the smallest impurities up to 1 micron, as well as removing gases. It serves as a confirmation stage to ensure high-quality water.

replaced every 6 months

To purchase the three-stage filters:


Fourth stage

Through the utilization of a membrane unit, specifically designed with reverse osmosis capabilities, featuring exceedingly minute pores as tiny as 0.00001 microns, the removal of salts and heavy metals is effectively achieved

It should be replaced every two years

To purchase the fourth stage filter:


Fifth stage

A coconut shell carbon filter is used to enhance the water’s color and taste, ensuring the highest water purity

It should be replaced annually

To purchase the fifth stage filter:




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