20inch Cotton Sediment Filter

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 20inch Cotton Sediment Filter

Parts used for restaurant and cafe desalination devices

Cotton Sediment Filter

1. It is changed every 6 months.

2. The filter serves the first stage of filtration in desalination devices.

3. Removing impurities, dust, and dirt up to 5 microns

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 Why is it important to adhere to the regular maintenance schedule for filters?

Environmental experts and water pollution specialists have identified several signs that, when they appear, indicate the need to change your device’s filter, such as:

1. If the filter is used after its expiration date, it may create a favorable environment for bacterial growth.

2. Accumulation of dust and bacteria on its walls, leading to a change in the candle’s color.

3. Changes in the smell and taste of water.

4. Failing to change the filter on time can cause sediment to appear in the water, indicating the start of the candle’s wall corrosion due to its expiration date

 Your commitment to regular maintenance schedules preserves the product’s lifespan and quality

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